BUDDLEJA davidii Empire Blue

This Shrub has violet-blue / purple-pink scented flowers in long panicles. Flowers: Summer-Autumn. Height: 2.5-4m.

Also known as:

  • BUDDLEJA davidii Empire Blue
  • Butterfly Bush Empire Blue

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BUDDLEJA davidii Empire Blue also known as a Butterfly Bush Empire Blue has arching branches with narrow leaves that have a whitish underneath and violet-blue / purple-pink scented flowers in long panicles, it prefers a well-drained soil in the full sun or semi-shade.
Buddlejas flowers contain masses of individual flowers which can even appear multi coloured as the individual flowers change colour as they age, the flowers can also change color if not given enough sunlight and fertilizer also intense sunlight and high temperatures can fade the flower color, some buddlejas can throw sports containing different colours or revert back to the original basic version.
Transplanting your Buddleja to a new area in your garden can also change the flower colour, if planted in the full sun the flowers should stay vivid and colourful but if planted in the semi-shade or full shade the plant produces lighter blooms (white, pale pink or light lavender).
When grown in nutrient rich soil with a pH of 6.0 to 7.5 it will help keep your Buddleja flowers bright and colourful, the color development in the flowers will be affected by nutrient content and pH levels in the soil which can be raised or lowered altering the colour of the blooms, Buddleia davidii is very tolerant of heavy clay, high alkaline soils.
Flowers: Summer-Autumn.
Height: 2.5-4m.

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